It's a sexy hair thing

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Invercargill's Premier
Hairdressing Salon led by the
world renowned Adrian Barclay

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It's a sexy hair thing

Invercargill's Premier
Hairdressing Salon
led by the world renowned
Adrian Barclay

Our Service

Venom Cutting & Styling

It's a sexy hair thing...






Female Students 13+ yrs


Male Students 13+ yrs


Children 5-12 years


Children 1-4years


Venom Colour

Younger, smarter, sexier......

Add your colour of choice to a cut
& style OR a blow dry

Fast & Fabulous

Part Line T- Section Retouch
This is perfect as an between colour express service to conceal greys & roots extending the life of your hair colour. A power blow dry finish is included giving you that boost to face the world again

Sprinkle Perfection

One Eighth Head of Foils
Foils sit beside your part-line creating a quick way to minimize re-growth. Ideal for very subtle dimension & to add in between your full colour service
from $105

Whisper Lights

Quarter Head of Foils
A gorgeous way to achieve texture and dimension to your hair. A few foils are typically contoured around your face to add a bit of excitement
from $137

Root Retouch

Retouching roots
Retouching roots
from $147

Global Beauty

One All Over Full Cover
Your hair will be coloured or retouched in one single global colour all over. Whether you are a sultry brunette, a fiery redhead or a magnetic blonde you will leave with shiny, fabulous healthy looking hair
from $158

Subtle Summer

Half Head of Foils
A beautiful, sexy technique foiling half your head & leaving the bottom half of your hair natural. A very popular choice!
from $184

The Bombshell

Full Head of Foils
See yourself in a shimmering new light with perfectly placed high or low lights. All the hair is foiled leaving natural hair in between creating a consistent colour throughout. Indulgent & glamorous!
from $203

Celebrity Glamour

Ombre, Sombre & Balayage
Creative colour is right on trend. You can find it anywhere from fashion magazines to Hollywood & New York. Ombres & balayage are classy, decadent & the height of fashion. You will be the envy of all your friends
from $203

Venom Services By Consultation With Quote

Reinvent yourself with new hair....

Insta Ready

Inspired by Social Media Transformations
Inspired by social media transformations

Walk On The Wild Side

Double Process
Extravagant colours of blues, greens, purples & pinks, rich hues to soft pastel shades are gracing the manes of celebrities, sparking up advertising campaigns & are even worn by the girl next door. A myriad of colour choices await you. This is one of the Venom team’s favourite things to do but it takes a little more time than usual

"Coming From The Dark Side"

Colour Correction decide to do a quick colour at home and ended up looking like a baby chicken! Well you needn’t worry as the Venom team are highly trained & certified in colour correction to fix those mistakes & ensure the integrity of your hair. Consultations with a senior stylist are an absolute must before this service where they will provide a quote & let you know how much time to set aside

Platinum Blonde Starter

Starting your journey with full head bleach colour
Starting this process would be after a full consultation where we would gauge the appropriateness for you. Our trained senior stylist will let you know how much of your time to set aside & give you a quote

Mens Colour

Options To Suit Men
A great blending colour technique for men to avoid looking like you have ‘had your hair coloured’ but leaving you look more youthful and vibrant. A very natural looking result

Venom Goddess

Let us spoil you...

Blow Dry & Style Short Hair

Add a touch of glamour. Includes shampoo, massage and blow wave.

Blow Dry & Style Long Hair

Add a touch of glamour. Includes shampoo, massage and blow wave.

15 min 'Express style'

Curl or Straighten
Dry only. Refresh your style morning, noon & night. No water. No washing. Come in with dry hair and walk out feeling fabulous with minimal effort - straight or curls.

30 min 'Quick up do'

For a night out
Dry only. Cosmopolitan style for a night out on the town - fast and fabulous.

45 min 'Glam it up'

High fashion updo
Dry only. High fashion style which takes a little more time. Talk to our stylists and they will create your ultimate red carpet look (excludes school balls).

60 min 'Goddess'

Ball & Special occasion updo
For balls & very special occasions

Venom Bridal

Your husband will love you for this





Flower girl


Bridal Trial


Hair Love

World’s best hair care products

World’s best hair care products. At Venom we believe in caring for your hair with the best haircare products in the world. We would be happy to share our training & knowledge about your haircare concerns or questions to come up with a personalized recommendation for you.

Our beautiful retail products include 

  • Luxury & Premium ranges 
  • Styling for Wet & Dry Hair 
  • Protection & Prevention ranges 
And solutions for 
  • Colour Retention 
  • Damaged Hair 
  • Unruly or Curly Hair 
  • Dry or Oily Hair 
  • Hair Loss
  • Scalp Concerns 

Venom Bespoke Extras

Be Powerful, Be Beautiful

The integrity of your hair is one of the most important things to us. We offer customized rituals & treatments to infuse your hair with the strength, moisture, discipline or the shine that it needs.

Davines Bespoke Ritual with massage


The Circle Chronicles Ritual


Toner per tube


Extra Colour per Tube


Those Extra Venom Touches

We know that your visit with us is a chance to relax & enjoy some time especially about you

Feel free to choose a magazine that appeals 

  • Fashion 
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Gourmet Food 
  • Home & Garden 
  • Mens
And choose your refreshment of choice  
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Tea      Black     Earl Grey   Peppermint  Citrus  Berry​


What can we do with your hair?

Is this you?
  • Hair fine and flat
  • Too much hair
  • Frizzy/damaged
  • Unsure what style suits you
  • Change of hair colour
  • When and how do I go grey
  • Difficult hair
  • Do I suit my hair long or short
  • Old fashioned hairstyle
  • Or just bored with your current look


Personal consultation with

Internationally acclaimed hairdresser

Adrian Barclay

Only $35 | 15 minute consultation | No obligation


Book now for this unique opportunity to meet with one of New Zealand’s most famous hairdressers. Adrian is the master of enhancing and creating your personal style which could potentially change your life.

He can also select from his team of elite stylists, the best hairdresser to master your hair.